DASO SOLUTIONS Ltd, was founded in 2016 in England.

The idea to establish a company for the sale of mobile homes came to me from the first moment when I was still living in Prague, where I first saw such comfortable houses.

But for some reason all the time for some reason this idea was postponed ..... there were some doubts ...

Being already in England, I saw that in fact in such houses many Englishmen and quite well-off people live. After talking with them, I learned that living in such a house is financially much more profitable than in a stationary one.

Although initially I had no understanding ..., but ... when I personally visited the residential mobile home of the factory owner, his factory produces such houses, I really felt an atmosphere of calm, relaxation, and comfort there, because in such a mobile the house is all made from quality material, with taste.

I was very comfortable and nice to be in it.

These houses are made, as they say, turnkey.


The houses are equipped with a complete set of built-in furniture, plumbing, a refrigerator, a gas / electric stove, heating, electric lighting, everything in the kitchen is thought out to the details, nothing superfluous, in a word, stylish, cozy compact and comfortable.

Such housing can be used as a country house, cottage, house for security or guests, as well as for permanent residence, in any case, this is a quick and profitable housing option.

And the thought came to me that thanks to such a complex solution, many people who need their own housing can quickly and comfortably equip their life, and thereby solve their housing problem.


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